We provide training and accommodations at our Orangeburg, South Carolina facility for free. You get here, pay for your own food and transportation, and we’ll do the rest.  We do not want anything to hinder you from pursuing a fish farm project.

Building a Fish Farm:

There are several main factors when estimating the cost of building a fish farm. 

The most obvious factor is the size . The larger the pond, the greater the cost.

Another factor is whether the farm is made of concrete or if it is made of earthen materials. A concrete structure is far more expensive.

Other major factors include accessibility of water and electricity, accessibility of breeding stock, and whether or not the beneficiary of the fish farm already owns the land. As stated elsewhere, a farm can be built and stocked for as little as $1000USD. If the structure is earthen costs generally will not exceed $8000USD for a large system. As a very rough rule of thumb, we estimate that every six to eight months a pond can produce a one pound of fish for every eight gallons of water (more if the pond is fully aerated).