In November 2007 we completed our first project. From August through November Tess McAnnar, wife of Hire Quest President, Dan McAnnar led the first Higher Quest Foundation project to build a fish farm. The site was the Ban Meata Children’s Village, a complex which includes an orphanage for over 90 children, a school, and ongoing agricultural projects that will allow the children of the village to learn and to live the traditional rural Thai lifestyle of farming.

Fish Farming Works

Pawinee Angnoi, the director of the Thai orphanage and school, has told us that they are harvesting enough fish to feed the 90 plus orphans on site. Additionally, they have started “farmgate” sales on the property and are selling to the local villagers and are currently developing a supplemental food initiative to provide a midday meal program to the 1000 plus children enrolled in their school thus ensuring that they will have at least one nutritious meal a day. The fish farm project stimulated creativity and fostered responsibility for the staff of the orphanage. This is now their project and they are managing it well.

Thailand farm update from Ban Meata Children’s Village:

They have harvested thousands of kilos of fish and recently said on their Facebook page: “our children have enjoyed hundreds of fish meals. Today it was time to clear one of the ponds, ready to de-silt it prior to the wet season heavy rains…. the kids love the mud-beauty treatment as well as the fish”