The first above ground fish farm completed in 2009 to fight against global hunger. With different materials available, this fish farm is quite different.  Even though it is much smaller in size, the amount of fish it produces is still very great because of the recirculating tanks in this multi-pond system. This project provides food to the local orphanage and brings in additional income for fish sold in local markets.

The projects benefit the community and a local school near Banjarbaru, on South Kalimantan. These new ponds and recirculating systems provide food for villages where the average annual income is $1,300/year. The local government contributed financial assistance to the project. Locally, five key people were educated and trained for this project – one hatchery was established and manned by an Indonesian couple.  Initially, we purchased used equipment, traveled the countryside to find a source of natural fish food, and supplied new fish hatchlings and fish food. Now the hatchery does this on their own. In 2011 there were 20 ponds/farmers with 4 X 6 meter ponds, stocked with a total of 60,000 fingerlings. Nine of the 20 experienced significant profit. Because of this success, the local government has offered to co-operate with the 2012 initiative.