We have recently partnered with Global Brigades (www.globalbrigades.org/) to build a fish farm in El Jute, Honduras.

We are pleased to announce some exciting updates regarding the farm. In October and September, 700lbs of Tilapia was harvested from the farm.  Some of the harvest was given to members of the local community who could not afford to buy fish at the market, the rest was given to the locals who participated in the farm as compensation.

The farm is using profits from the harvest to purchase new fingerlings (baby fish) for the upcoming year. The farm did so well that there are plans to add more tanks in order to increase the amount of fish able to be raised and harvested each year.

The goal of the Higher Quest Foundation is to help end global hunger in a sustainable way. This project is a perfect example of  how we are accomplishing this goal. Not only is this farm feeding the local people and providing for those who operate it, but they are also able to continue to buy more fingerlings and increase the size of the farm without the need for continued outside financial assistance.