Our Impact: Global & Local

Hunger is an ongoing and complex problem. The Higher Quest Foundation’s main objective is to assist communities to establish self-sustaining fish farms. We build systems that provide immediate relief and help people help themselves.

Images of famine and malnutrition are all around us. Around the globe, hundreds of millions of people live in a state varying from chronic malnutrition to the very edge of starvation.

The impact of malnutrition is even more devastating in that those affected more readily succumb to diseases that might not otherwise be fatal.

The scale of the hunger crisis and the associated cost to remedy the problem leaves many of us feeling overwhelmed. Fish farming is a very cost-effective method to support the cause. We have built fish farms ranging in size from a small backyard pond to a 1 1/2 acre, 3 pond system.

Fish farms have a wide array of applications. Small backyard systems have been used in community anti-poverty programs. These systems can also be used to help support the income of the local leaders of internationally supported projects. That is, one may be supporting an organization in a developing country through monthly or annual contributions. A backyard fish farm could supplant the need for that contribution and create self sufficiency.

We have installed larger systems to support schools, orphanages, and homes for the elderly thus eliminating malnourishment and increasing the standard of living. In Malang, Indonesia the local community markets its surplus fish harvest to acquire other goods and services. Our project in Thailand not only produces enough fish to supplement the diet of students and orphans, but through farm-gate sales, there is added income to fill other needs. Our completed projects are self sustaining, lessening dependence on traditional outside donation sources.

Ways we help out at home

  • Higher Quest Foundation sponsored kids to go to camp in Louisville, Kentucky.

  • Donations made to local churches in Charleston, SC to help its efforts to provide meals to those in need in the downtown area.

  • Endowed scholarships for seniors who demonstrate a commitment to community service have been given to Warner University in Lake Wales, FL and Bennett College in Greensboro, NC.